White Oak Music Hall

Darklands Of Texas


Had a great show last night in Houston... Total surprise as I've never been or played there in   the past. Good ol darkwave music fans abound... WOMH production manager Bobby showed us good time with a party in the lookout tower that spun into a after hours "80's Goth party" downtown... Well, not so sure how "Goth" or "80's" it was as we were definitely the only 80's goths around! They did play Blue Monday between 2 hip hop tracks of unknown origins and there were a few leather bondage gear people lurking around being bring super out of place next to all the plain janes and baseball cap bobs... Very weird scene... Almost Lynchian.

Til next time Texas! Adios... 

VF I10 East 70mph



Unknown Pleasures


Seeing tonight's show in Houston is our last show in Texas we better drink this bag of Peter Hooks Lone Star!!! Thanks Hook! Love the bag.... Tonight's show at the White Oak Music Hall is sure to be a pleasure.

VF I45 South 70mph (not drinking Lone Star... Yet!)