Ungothly Cold...


Hey Canada! We have arrived and I forgot how cold your beautiful land is!! Last night was a blast at Bar Ritz in Montreal... I haven't been here since PULSARS opened for Supergrass in 97... Bar Ritz was packed we hit it hard and went virtually all night!!! You guys know how to party!!!!! 

Full steam ahead at 100klm to the Silver Dollar... See you in Toronto! 

VF fighting off frost bitten ears... over n out. 

Mr. Friction.. Hotlanta is calling!


Played the Masquerade in Hotlanta last night as my alternate alter ego Mr. Friction apparently.... Yes it was in Hell with Mr. Heatmiser pulling the strings! Heading to DC today for our show at DC9 tomorrow night. We are starting to grow into our pirate suits nicely.... SS Bela Lugosi is taking weather and Black Betty is hanging on.

VF: somewhere in the Hotlanta vicinity Over N Out!


Somewhere in Texas...


Fantastic start to the tour last night!!! The mist was thick and the palace was packed in El Paso... So cool to meet so many great music fans. Totally into the fact peeps from Juarez come across the border to see shows! No rest for the wicked. 7am lobby call and we are off to San Antonio... Riding the Paper Tiger tonight!  


VF 2/22/17 10east 79mph

Hello El Paso!


Here we go... Tonight marks the first show of our North American tour with Moving Units and our very own synth overlord Keith Le Rouge's Soviet marking some of his first shows ages... Sure to be fun... We'll as fun as a night of Darkwave can be!!! Check out the tour dates section for a upcoming show near you... See you out there! 


Memories On Memorex : Released!!!!


Memories on Memorex - EP by Viktor Fiction

Here it's is in all its glory! My second EP "Memories On Memorex" is officially available to the masses... If you feel so inclined to own these tasty digital nuggets, do so at above link or any of the other fine digital music outlets its available at. OR, just stream the shit out of them and please spread around to anyone you feel might dig these wavey morsels of synthetic pop musique.... Hope to see you at one of our up coming tour dates with Moving Units and Soviet!!! Your support is much appreciated!